Terms & Conditions

2017 Colorado State Soccer Cup

July 7-10 Aurora Sports Park


Please read and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this contract as stated below.

You are registering to participate in the 2017 Colorado State Soccer Cup, July 7-10, 2017. Should your team withdraw 2017 Colorado State Soccer Cup after June 22, 2017, you acknowledge and understand that the $625 tournament application fee is non-refundable.

$625 – Tournament Fee paid by June 23, 2017. Entire fee is Nonrefundable.

2017 Colorado State Cup Rules and Policies

By signing your team up for the tournament, you agree to follow all rules, bylaws and polices of US Soccer, USSSA and the Colorado State Soccer Cup. Rules and Policies are subject to change. You agree to follow Rules and Policies as stated on the https://coloradosoccercup.com website and the Colorado State Cup application

Trophies and Prizes :
$1,500 ‐ Men’s Open 1st Division, Champion
All other winners TBD by division size (Cash prizes provided by CASA)

• USSSA 11v11 Sanctioned Open Tournament.
• All US Soccer registered teams accepted (USSSA, US CLUB, and CSA).
• 2 USSF guest players allowed.
• Team selection will be made by the tournament committee based on date of registration with consideration given to achieving a balanced level of competition.
• Three game minimum, 25 minute halves.
• Each division is divided into pools.
Friday through Sunday pool play. Sunday bracket of advancing teams will determine a champion within each division.
• All teams must be available to play Friday night at 6:00 or 7:00 pm.
• All teams must have a set of alternate numbered jerseys.
• Each team and player will be required to present valid USSF player passes. Unsanctioned teams must register with www.soccerCASA.com at least 3 days before the tournament for $140 per team, 18 players. (registration good for summer tournaments until July 31, 2017). Special tournament team rules apply. No all star teams allowed.

• Notice of acceptance will be e‐mailed or posted (by Schedule) no later than 6/30/2017. • Entry fee will be forfeited if a team withdraws after 6/23/2017.  If a team is not accepted they will receive a full refund.

All players and teams must have a valid
2016/2017 US Soccer registration

Playing an illegal player is an automatic forfeit.

NO EXCEPTIONS! No 2016/2017 CASA, CSA, US Club, or USSSA registration, No Play!

Violent tackles with intent to injure, fighting, spitting or abuse of any type will not be tolerated. Teams, team managers, and the players will be held responsible for all player and fan behavior.  Extra fines and suspensions will be assessed.  Your team could be kicked out of the tournament.

CASA Team managers must register and upload a picture for their roster. Personnel not on the team roster may not be on the team’s bench. Up to 3 managers per team. Team managers may not enter the field without permission from the referee. Team managers must stay in the professional area which is from the edge of the midfield circle to the edge of the 18 yard line. No fans are allowed on the same side of the field as the players.

Teams MUST be on the opposite sides of the field from fans.  You are responsible for your fans. Referees may ask you to move your fans to the opposite side of the field.  Referees have to power to enforce these rules and the game may be stopped by the referee if necessary until everyone complies.

Coaches are absolutely responsible for the conduct of their players and their fans.

Teams must have 2 sets of jerseys; the first team listed in the schedule is home and must change if necessary. Bring two sets of jerseys to every game.

Unlimited Substitutions. Substitutions may be made on a goal, goal kick, at half, while it is your throw in or when a player is injured (both teams). No substitutions on off sides, free kicks, or corner kicks.

Do not bring dogs or alcohol to the fields.

Once the schedule is set, there will be no changes.  You must field a team.

Teams which consistently exhibit conduct which is unbecoming or likely to prejudice the interests or reputation of the tournament may be removed and will receive no refund.

The tournament reserves the right to make decisions for the good of the game and the integrity of the competition.

Hold harmless Agreement

By registering, I hereby release, waive, discharge, covenant not to sue, and hold harmless from any and all liability, USSSA, Colorado State Soccer Cup, CASL Inc., PTW, Inc., all officers, and any personnel from any claims, costs and expenses whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, that may be sustained by an organization (team) and players participating in a Colorado State Soccer Cup game, event, or program.

By paying for and registering your team you are digitally signing and agreeing to these terms and conditions

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